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Grades 9-11 Session Descriptions

June 1-18, 2021

Creative Writing - Grades 8-11 (3 Hours)

Instructor Miss Henwood—June 1-18

Are you a storyteller?  Do you have lots of ideas, but need help getting them organized and down on paper?  Do you enjoy writing, but struggle to come up with ideas?  Do you want to use your creativity to write stories, but you don’t know where to start?  Or maybe you are already a strong writer but want to continue to improve your skills and get some new ideas for your writing.
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Real Money Real World - Grades 7-8 & Grades 9-11 (1 Hour)

Instructors Mrs. Swick/Mrs. Phillips—June 1-18
Have your parents or guardians ever told you “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” Real Money Real World will show you how quickly living expenses can add up and exactly what they mean when they tell you this! Real Money.  
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Down Sculpture Design - Grades 9-11 (1 Hour)

Instructor Mrs. McKinnon—June 1-18

Students will work together to collaboratively design a Sculpture to be displayed in downtown Lancaster. Students will learn about weight distribution and meaningful public art.  Students will design and work with Ms. McKinnon and a Sculpture Artist Ric Leichliter creating, attaching and sitting up the sculpture. Classroom will be 1 hour per day unless onsite with Sculpture as schedule permits.
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Musical Theater - Grades 9-11 (2 Hours)

Instructor Mr. Gregory—June 7-18

This two-week course running from June 7th - June 18th is designed for anyone in grades 9-11 interested in developing their vocal and theatrical skills. A workshop atmosphere in the auditorium from 10am-12pm will be provided for all students as they learn to better their understanding of musical theatre repertoire and performance techniques. 
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Working Out Using Math - Grades 9-11 (2 Hours)

Instructor  Mr. Krupla—June 1-18

This will be a 2 hour strength and cardio program using basic math to improve overall fitness.  We will utilize the weight room, track and grass fields using a variety of different types of drills and workouts. 
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Summer of Coding - Grades 9-11 (1 Hour)

Instructor Mr. Doss—June 1-18

Are you interested in learning to program? Have you always wanted to start learning a programming language but never seem to make the time? Perhaps programming could be a career path you might become interested in pursuing. Programmers are needed everywhere. Who knows, maybe you could even get lucky and land a career for a company in game development! 
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Summer Cyber Security Club - Grades 9-11 (1 Hour)

Instructor Mr. Doss—June 1-18

Cyber Security is a very interesting topic. There isn’t a day goes by where you can’t find an article about some cyber security incident. Some companies never fully recover from a major security breach and end up going bankrupt.
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Entrepreneurship - Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal - Grades 9-11 (1 Hour)

Instructor Mrs. Swick—June 1-18 

Did you know that hundreds of Ohio businesses recognize the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (OMJ Seal)? Now, young people who include the OMJ Seal on their resume, are often viewed more positively by employers than other applicants with the same qualifications! Do you have an idea for a business? Learning about entrepreneurship and flexing your entrepreneurial muscles will help you develop grit, growth mindset, curiosity, courage, and resourcefulness.  Entrepreneurship education builds college and career readiness, strengthens 21st-century skills and is FUN!
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Science Laboratory - Grades 8-11 (3 Hours)

 Instructors Mr. Miller/Mr. Alford – June 1-18

Are you interested in doing real science? Are you interested in a career that requires a science background? Are you interested in using the latest technology available for doing science? Are you interested in collecting data then using that data to solve complex problems? Are you going to be taking science courses in college? Then this program is for you.
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