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Military Family Resource Center

Fairfield Union Schools - Military Liaisons

Fairfield Union High School
Grades 9-12
Cathy Poston, Director of Guidance
Phone:  740-536-7306

Bremen Elementary
Grades K-4
Christina Menosky, Counselor
Phone: 740-569-4135
[email protected]
Fairfield Union Rushville Middle School
Grades 5-8
Brian Funk, Guidance Counselor
Phone: 740-536-7249

Pleasantville Elementary
Grades K-4
Lindsey Badgley, School-Home Coordinator
Phone:  740-468-2181
[email protected]

Welcome Military Families

     Welcome to the Military Families Resource Center.  On this page you will find many resources to support your family and children.  The resources available on this site are intended to assist our military families in every aspect of their lives.  
     If you know of a resource that isn't listed here, please contact Matt Destadio, Director of Educational Services at Fairfield Union Local Schools.  We welcome any suggestions on new resources.

Veterans Day 2023

Celebrating our veterans on Veterans Day has become an annual tradition around the district.  We hope you enjoy these presentations which recap our 2023 activities:
Rushville Middle School Veterans Day 2022

RMS Leo Club - Supporting Veterans 2022

The Leo Club, in partnership with the RMS staff and students were able to support the Blue Star Mothers of America in their mission to support our troops who are overseas. RMS students, their families, and teachers contributed just shy of 900 items. 

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Educational Resources

There are almost two million children who have a parent or guardian serving in the United States Armed Forces. Roughly three quarters of those military connected youth are 4-18 years of age. Military connected youth can be found in every school district in the country. With only one active duty base in Ohio (Wright Patterson Air Force Base), the importance of education/community outreach could not be greater when it comes to supporting the social, emotional, and academic needs of these children.

Brought to you by Ohio National Guard Family Readiness Warrior Support
Purple Star Logo

Ohio Department of Education announces Purple Star Designations

April was first designated as the Month of the Military Child by the United States Department of Defense in 1986 to increase public knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding children who have parents in the military.  The announcement of the Purple Star Class of 2023 is part of Ohio's participation in the national celebration of the Month of the Military Child.

Congratulations Fairfield Union High School and Rushville Middle School for earning the Purple Star Award.

Fairfield Union High School Veterans Day Program 2022

High School Veterans' Day Recognition 2022

The High School was excited to welcome and recognize several Veterans who are family members of our current students and staff at our Veterans Day Assembly! 
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Military OneSource

This is a military operated website designed to help military connected families. This is a site that can help families in a variety of aspects other than just education.  There is a wealth of information intended to assist the military family.  
Military OneSource Logo with Link

Military Children on the Move

The link below was taken from the Military OneSource website and is specifically gearted towards students of military connected families.Military Children on the Move Logo and Link

Military Child Education Coalition Resources

This website has a wide variety of information for parents and educators. MCEC is widely known as a reliable source of current information. The advantage for parents using the MCEC website is the opportunity for involvement for students and families. Below are links to the MCEC homepage and a few specific sections as well.

What is College Credit Plus?

The Ohio Department of Education College Credit Plus program allows students in grades 7-12 to save on college tuition as well as the opportunity to earn both college AND high school credit.  Visit the following websites for more information on this very worthwhile program.

Discounts and More for Active Military and Veterans

Visit the following website for discounts and educational resources for active military and veterans.  
Military and Veteran Discounts Logo and Link

Community Resources

Visit our Community Resources page for a variety of agencies available to assist all of our families.

Local Recruiting Offices

US Army Recruiting Office
1534 River Valley Circle South
Suite 2
Lancaster, OH 43130
US Air & Space Force Office
1540 River Valley Circle South
Suite 2
Lancaster, OH 43130
US Marine Corps Recruiting
1538 River Valley Circle South
Lancaster, OH   43130
US Navy Recruiting
1536 River Valley Circle S
Lancaster, OH   43130
Ohio Army National Guard
1570 Granville Pike
Lancaster, OH   43130
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