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Bus Driver Assignements as of February 1, 2024

DriverBus #
Angela Johnson1
Chris Miller2
Stacie Powell3
Anna Sheets4
Shelle Prather8
Misty Boch10
Krystal Ortman11
Steve Bell14
Roxanne Drake17
Terry Payne
Colleen Lones21
Danielle Lewis22
Jessica Kessler23
Shawny Peters24
Molly Persons25
Kay Hughes26
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Substitute Bus Drivers Needed

The Fairfield Union Local School District is currently seeking substitute bus drivers.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Dean Rarey, Transportation Coordinator at 740-536-7820 or via email to:  [email protected].


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Fairfield Union Schools is now using the Ride360 platform for bus routes. Parents are encouraged to visit the Ride360 website or to download the Ride360 app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
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Visit the following link to utilize the Ride360 website: 
Click the More+ link for detailed instructions.
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Ride360 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Ride360? Users create their own account on the website or on the app.

How do I link my student to may account?  Parents/Guardians will need their Student's ID Number (also referred to as their lunch number) and the student's last name as it is listed on their school records.

What if I do not have my student's ID number?  Student ID numbers can be found in your ProgressBook account and are listed on the student's grade card.  If you need assistance with your student's ID number, please contact the school your child attends.

What if I forget my password?  Click the Forgot Password link at the log in screen.  (You will receive an email notification, make sure you check your spam account.)

What if I have questions regarding my student's scheduled pick up and drop off?  Please direct questions to Dean Rarey, Transportation Coordinator at 740-536-7820 or via email: [email protected].

2023-2024 Career Center Busing Information

  • Career Center students will ride their regular bus route into Fairfield Union High School then transfer to Bus 4 and be transported to Fairfield Career Center. This bus will depart the high school at 7:05 am.
  • Any students attending Eastland Career Center will be transferred to a shuttle bus and transported from Fairfield Career Center to Eastland Career Center. This bus will depart Fairfield Career Center at 7:35 am.
  • There may be afternoon transportation available for students living in the Pleasantville area on the Elementary bus routes. You will need to call and make arrangements with the bus barn.  
  • All students attending the career center will be transported according to their school calendar with these exceptions:
    • If Fairfield Union is closed due to the use of a calamity day, no students will be transported.
    • If Fairfield Union is on a delay start due to the use of a calamity day, your student will also be picked up on a delay schedule.
    • If Fairfield Union is on a scheduled delay start or not in session, there will be no route bus available and the following schedule will be used. Students will need to find their own transportation to and from one of these buildings.  
Bremen Elementary   6:30 am 3:45pm 
Fairfield Union High School    6:45am  3:30pm 
Pleasantville Elementary        7:00am   3:20pm
Any student who plans to park their vehicle at the high school will be required to purchase a parking permit.  
If you have any questions please contact:  Dean Rarey Fairfield Union Transportation Coordinator at 740-536-7820 
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