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 2022-2023 CCP Information

CCP Students! It is time to order your winter textbooks!

All requests for college credit plus textbooks must be initiated by completing the following form:

The following textbook information is required on the Textbook Request Form:
--Subject Code or Subject Name
--Course Number
--Class Number
--Textbook Information:
    --Textbook ISBN #

Textbook Access Code
Some textbooks require an access code for online content.  You can find this information in your course offerings description. If you are not sure, contact your professor before requesting your textbook.

If your course syllabus or course description does not include the required textbook information, please reach out to your professor to obtain this information prior to completing your textbook request.


It is the responsibility of the student to review each college's dates for withdrawal from a course without penalty.  If the student withdraws from a CCP course after the posted deadline to withdraw without penalty, the student will be responsible for the cost of tuition for that course.  More information regarding the impact on a student's grades/transcript when withdrawing from a CCP Course can be found at the link below.

Getting Started for 2022-2023

Visit the Ohio Department of Education webpage for College Credit Plus to get started:

CCP Checklist for 2022-2023 Enrollment

 If you are interested in taking college courses while you are in high school, please see the required information below to participate in College Credit Plus (CCP) for the 2022-2023 school year! 

If you are new to CCP, you must complete the following steps before applying to colleges for CCP:

  1. View the annual informational presentation with a parent as part of the required counseling and informational part of the program. 
  2. Complete the Intent to Participate Form and submit it to Mrs. Poston by April 1st. 
  3. Schedule a meeting with Mrs. Poston when you have completed a CCP college application(s) to verify the Intent Form has been submitted and to have your application(s) signed and use the google form to request a transcript be sent to each college.
  4. Submit your college application(s) by each college's deadline and regularly check the email you used on the application for information from the college.
  5. You must complete the college orientation, submit all required forms, and register for courses even if you are taking the class in our building. 

If you already are involved with the CCP Program:
  1. Review the Annual Informational Presentation with a parent for a refresher and new information.
  2. Complete and submit the Intent to Participate Form to Mrs. Poston by April 1st.
  3. If you are applying to new colleges for CCP, request a meeting with Mrs. Poston to have your new applications signed.
  4. You must continue to check all of your college emails for important information for scheduling classes each semester.
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