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Grades K-4 Session Descriptions

July 19 - August 6, 2021

STEAM, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

STEM & STEAM Challenges - Instructor Mrs. Haughn - Grades K-4 (3 Hours)

Does your child enjoy building or creating things? Would your child be interested in three weeks of challenging their brain with STEM or STEAM projects? Mrs. Haughn, a kindergarten teacher at Pleasantville Elementary will be hosting a “Makerspace” where your students can explore the world of STEM and STEAM. The STEM acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEAM adds in an Art element. Throughout these three weeks, your students will be able to choose various projects on their own or with other students. This “Makerspace” will be a student-directed activity where they decide on what they want to explore. Reading, writing and math will be covered and monitored in each activity as well. Grades K-4 are welcome to attend these three weeks of discovery.
Gamges=Fun and Learning

Funky Falcons Camp Games - Instructor Mrs. Bollin - Grades K-4 (1 Hour)

Have you ever heard of “Steal the Rabbit” or “Bring Home the Bacon”? How about ‘Color Hop’ or ‘Cone Tipping’? If you sign up for the Funky Falcons, we will be playing all kinds of crazy camp games that you will learn to love! During this time, we will work on teamwork and exercising our kindness as well as our Falcon bodies! Tennis shoes and water bottles are required, BUT laughter is optional.  
Kids Holding Hands

Social Skills - Instructor Mrs. Roberts - Grades K-2 (1 Hour)

Does your child struggle with relating to their peers? Are you looking for a patient and welcoming environment for your child? This session will help your child improve their interactions with others in a small group setting.  Possible topics include (but may not be limited to): Listening with your entire body, Turn-taking, Asking and Answering Questions, Nonverbal Language, Tone of Voice, Personal Space, Problem Solving.
Boy and Girl, walking

Be Falcon Fit - Instructor Mrs. Shriner - Grades 3-4 (3 Hours)

Do you like walking and hiking, exploring the outdoors? Then we have the Summer adventure for you! We are offering a free health and fitness fun program. We will be using the Fairfield Union Land Lab for hiking and walking keeping in step with the use of pedometers. This program is designed to evaluate our nutritional needs and getting exercise at the same time. We will be looking at better nutritional snacks that are quick and easy to pack and hit the trails! Exercise can be fun! Nature exploration at our fingertips on the natural man-made trails to hike. The trails are alive with beautiful wildflowers and foliage of Summer.
Girl on books

Reading Camp - Instructors Include Mrs. Krupla, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Spicer - Grades K-4 (1 Hour)

Come join your friends for a summer reading camp adventure! While having fun reading, doing crafts and playing games, campers will improve their reading skills and gain confidence in their ability to learn.  
Math Numbers

Math Camp - Instructors Include Mrs. Krupla, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Spicer - Grades K-4 (1 Hour)

Come join your friends for a summer of mathematical discovery! While having fun with math, solving problems and playing games, campers will improve their mathematical skills and gain confidence in their ability to learn.    
Boy and Girl with String and Cans

Speech Therapy Sessions - Instructor Mrs. Myers - Grades K-4 (30 Minutes)

Calling all speech students—This summer we are excited to offer an opportunity for your child to continue to build on the speech and language skills they have addressed throughout the school year. This 3-week program will have an individualized focus on developing receptive language, expressive language, pragmatic/social language, articulation, fluency, and/or home training. Each 30-minute session will be run by a licensed speech-language pathologist and will address goals specific to your child’s needs.  Speech therapy sessions will be offered 1-2x weekly on an invitation only basis. Please contact [email protected] to determine if your child qualifies for summer speech services. 
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