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Kostiuk, Jamie
Grade 4

2022-2023 Current News and Events

Ron Derry from the GOOD Program Visits 4th Grade Classes

Recently, 4th graders @ Bremen elementary were visited by Ron Derry.  Ron presents lessons from the GOOD Platform.  GOOD stands for Going On Or Defeated. Program lessons included Perseverance, Trustworthiness, Bullying and Working Together.
Ron Derry Presents the GOOD ProgramStudents listen to Ron Derry and his assistant
More lessons from the GOOD ProgramMultiple photos in a collage from the GOOD Program Presentation

Mrs. Kostiuk's Art

Autumn leaves using water colors.
Autumn artwork - leaves using watercolorsWater color leaf artwork

Mrs. Kostuik's Science Class is Studying Erosion

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s science classes looked at erosion and how canyons are made.  They made a model of land and observed how falling water affects it.  

Students studying erosion with models of land

2021-2022 News

Hellen Keller Projects

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk's class read a biography about Helen Keller and her extraordinary life and accomplishments.  As a final project, they had to create a presentation of what they learned about her life.  Here are some examples: 
Kelsey Blankenship
See my story: Helen Keller

Greyson Rife
See my story:  Helen Keller

Book Trailers

Students in Mrs. Kostuik's class crated book trailers on video.  We hope you enjoy their final results.
Isabella Waid - Dog Diaries
Luke Shaffer - MEDAL of HONOR
Nora Johnson - Fast Pitch
Andrew Hambel - I Survived
Kinley Geiger-Wills - A Boy No More
Eluxus Keller - Roxy
Samuel King - Prisoner of War

Oil Pastels and Watercolors

Mrs. Kostiuk’s class used oil pastels and watercolors to create flowers inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe.

Escape Room Fun!

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class participated in a virtual Escape Room of Merlin’s Wizarding World to practice main idea and details. 
Collage of Photos - Students working on their escape plan.

Sunsets and Silhouettes Art from Mrs. Kostiuk’s Class

Mrs. Kostuik's Chalk Art

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class created hearts using chalk inspired by the artist Jim Dine. 
Chalk Hearts ArtworkChalk Hearts Inspired by Jim Dine
Chalk Art by Mrs. Kostuik's ClassMore Chalk Art Hearts
Chalk Art from Mrs. Kostuik's Class

Youth Activists Around the World

Over the course of the school year so far, students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class have worked on more student-directed learning and taking more leadership roles in it.  In SEL, they have been learning about youth activists in the world (past and present).  They were put into groups to read and learn about a specific activist.  Afterwards, they had to write a quality one-sentence summary about their activist.  Then, they did rotations where people from each group shared information about their activists and recorded it on a large sheet of paper to compare.  Finally, they gathered back together as a whole class to discuss the common character strengths these young activists share.   Students did a great job through this process!
Students in Mrs. Kostuik's Class working on SEL lessons.

Reading and Board Games!

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class read a self-selected book and created board games based on their books.  They had to incorporate the characters, plot, and setting into their games.  They did a great job! 
Collage #1 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #2 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #3 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #4 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #5 of Mrs. Kostuik's Students

Social Studies News

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class are learning about the early Native Americans in the Ohio region in social studies.  They used the Jigsaw Method to divide into teams to learn about one of these groups to become an expert.  Then, they went back to a smaller group to be the teachers while others filled out the information taught to them on a graphic organizer. 

Learning about Text Features

Mrs. Kostiuk's class have been learning about text features in nonfiction texts and why they are important in getting information.  They participated in a gallery walk and looked through different kinds of nonfiction texts to find all the different kinds of text features. 

Mrs. Kostuik's Science Class News

In science, students wrote and conducted an experiment to answer the question, "What happens to the mass of gum after it is chewed for 10 minutes?"  Then, they drew conclusions and graphed their data.  

Mrs. Kostiuk's class has also been working on metric measurement of length and mass. 

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