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Jamie Kostiuk

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Kostiuk, Jamie
Grade 4

Current News and Events

Reading and Board Games!

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class read a self-selected book and created board games based on their books.  They had to incorporate the characters, plot, and setting into their games.  They did a great job! 
Collage #1 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #2 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #3 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #4 of Mrs. Kostuik's StudentsCollage #5 of Mrs. Kostuik's Students

Social Studies News

Students in Mrs. Kostiuk’s class are learning about the early Native Americans in the Ohio region in social studies.  They used the Jigsaw Method to divide into teams to learn about one of these groups to become an expert.  Then, they went back to a smaller group to be the teachers while others filled out the information taught to them on a graphic organizer. 

Learning about Text Features

Mrs. Kostiuk's class have been learning about text features in nonfiction texts and why they are important in getting information.  They participated in a gallery walk and looked through different kinds of nonfiction texts to find all the different kinds of text features. 

Mrs. Kostuik's Science Class News

In science, students wrote and conducted an experiment to answer the question, "What happens to the mass of gum after it is chewed for 10 minutes?"  Then, they drew conclusions and graphed their data.  

Mrs. Kostiuk's class has also been working on metric measurement of length and mass. 

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