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Birds and Beaks

Mrs. Neal’s first graders were exploring why birds have different types of beaks in Science.  Using straws to represent a Warbler’s beak and a cup to represent a Duck’s beak students attempted to pick up different types of food.

Partners with Fairfield County Sheriff's Department

The Fairfield County Sheriff’s department and Mrs. Neal’s class have teamed up to be community partners again this school year.   Sgt. Hendershot and Sgt. Burke visited the class to talk about their careers and what it means to be a community helper.

Mrs. Neal's Class Visit Hugus Fruit Farm and Land Lab

First graders in Mrs. Neal’s class enjoyed a visit to the Hugus Fruit Farm and the High School Land Lab.

Mrs. Neal's Class Complete Johnny Appleseed Drawings

First graders in Mrs. Neal’s class completed a directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed and a fabric craft of an apple as a follow up to our field trip to the fruit farm.

Army Private Visits 1st Grade Students

First graders were treated today with a visit from Fairfield Union graduate, Private Jeffrey Konkler. He spoke with the students on the core values of being in the Army, such as courage and integrity.  It was a privilege for the students to hear from him and listen to all his accomplishments.  He has made Fairfield Union proud!

Heartland Nursing Home Christmas Cards

The first graders were donated Christmas cards as part of a Community Service project.  All the first graders made cards for the Heartland Nursing home to be delivered in time for Christmas.

1st Grade Visit to Fairfield Union Land Lab

1st grade students visited the Adena American Indian burial mound located at the High School land Lab.  Mr. Dale Ferbrache discussed with the students the history behind the mound and shared with them facts about their culture. He also took them on a historical tour which included information about the Zane Trace trail and the covered bridge.  Also he dressed in period clothing from the late 1700’s so the students could compare and contrast past and present clothing.


Mrs. Neal’s first graders started working on their STEM projects.  After reading different versions of the Three Little Pigs, their task is to construct a house that will be sturdy enough to withstand the wind force behind the BIG BAD HAIRDRYER.
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