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Mrs. Neal's First Grade Class - Monster Project

First graders in Mrs. Neal's class worked on adjectives by creating monsters and then  describing their body parts.  Can you match up the writing with the correct monster?   

My monster has fourteen blue heads.  It has no mouth.  It has a green siren in the middle of the heads.  It’s body is a rainbow parallelogram.  It has ten blue spikes.  Also on the body it has purple hair.  My monster has two fat blue legs. Finally it has spikes on the legs.  Which monster is mine?  


My monster has three small red heads inside a grey circle and sharp teeth and two eyes.  It has two horns and five ears.  It has a red tongue.   It has blue spikes on its head.   It’s body's a rainbow rectangle.  It has purple dots.  It has a purple star in the rectangle.   It has five green claws and five arms.  It has squiggles on its body.  It has nails on its body.  It has a rectangle belly button.  Also on its body is a rectangle and spikes.  My monster has a huge green and purple square leg.  Finally it has an orange tail.  Which monster is mine?  


My monster has five heads. It has eleven eyes.  It has ten ears.  It’s body is an orange rectangle. It has one pink eye on the belly.  Also on the body is a black zig zag.  It has one rainbow leg and one green leg.  Finally it has six black squiggles on it’s legs.  Which monster is mine. 


My monster has three round heads.  It has seventeen eyes and two horns on each head.  It has pink and purplish hair.  It’s body is a blue ellipse with orange inside.  It has two black buttons.  My monster has zero legs but an ellipse bottom.  Finally it has purple spikes.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has a blue mouth.  It has eight heads, seven are blue and one is green.  It has two ears.  It’s body is a pink triangle.  It has four stitches and one green belly button. Also on the body is a green arm.  My monster has five black and blue legs.  Finally it has yellow spikes.  Which monster is mine?  


My monster has an upside down triangle head. It has two black eyes and red and purple spikes.     It has weird teeth.  It has big leaves on it.  It’s body is a green ellipse. It has two arms.  It has spikes and a sun belly button.  Also on the body are forty eight spikes.  My monster has four tall legs with polka dots.  Finally it has no tail but it has green slim. Which monster is mine?


My monster has three heads, one is blue and light purple and two are on the body.  It has three eyes and grey sharp teeth.  It has four ears, one ear on each side is colored in green.  It has light purple cheeks.  It has blue curves around its eyes.  It’s body is a blue rectangle that has an X inside it.  It has the number 44  on its arms.  It has spikes below the X on the body.  It has orange dog ears next to the spikes.  Also on the body are black claws.  Then two more heads are on the dog ears.  They have sharp teeth also.  My monster has two spikey legs that are black.  The spikes on them are purple and blue.  Finally it has a black spiky tail and claws on its feet.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has a circle head and it has a green head too.  It has two earrings and four horns. It has two red eyes. It’s body is a green triangle. It has an orange eye in the middle of the triangle.  Also on the body it has eight orange arms.  My monster has six legs, two of the legs are blue and skinny and two are green and large, two are purple and skinny.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has a red circle head.  It has no tongue and two eyes.  It has green eyes and white teeth that are scribbled blue.  It’s body's a wavy cotton ball with lots of colors.  It has arms that have scribbles inside.  It has a green and blue belly button.  Also, on the body are stripes.  My monster has two fat orange legs with stripes.  Finally, it has a yellow tail with spikes.  Which monster is mine.  


My monster has six blue heads.  It has a red mouth.  It has two giant yellow eyes.  Its body is a blue rectangle. It has pink hairy spikes.  Also on the body are three purple stars.  My monster has three orange legs.  Finally it has one orange tail with spikes.  Which monster is mine.  


My monster has two heads and they are black.  It has six eyes.  It has one black ear.  Its body is a purple triangle.  It has one heart belly button.  Also on the body are six claws and two purple arms.  Its tail is also on the body.  My monster has two legs that are orange, yellow, purple, black and red. Which monster is mine?



My monster has one square head with X’s on it.  It has purple spikes. It has three circles.  It has a pink triangle body.  Also on the body it has dots.  It has two yellow arms.  My monster has four orange legs and yellow feet. Finally it has two black tails.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has nine eyes.  It has two red heads.  It has six teeth that are black. It’s body is a blue triangle.  It has eight blue claws.  Also on the body is a red eye.  My monster has two fat orange legs.  Finally it has a black tail with spikes.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has two black heads that look like they can shoot bullets.  It has a lot of spikes on the heads.  The heads are square.  It’s body is a purple triangle.  It has one arm with claws.  It also has a bunch of curls.  Also on the body there are purple and orange stars.  My monster has three legs.  It also has two tails. Finally it has yellow claws.  Which monster is mine?  


My monster has four green heads, one yellow head and two purple heads.  It has forty five eyes and fourteen fangs.  It has fourteen horns. Its body is blue and black and it is a rectangle shape.  It has no arms but has three black triangles and three blue triangles.  Also on the body is a purple squiggly line.  My monster has two orange legs and it has two green blade legs.  Finally it has a spicy tail.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has five heads.  It has seven eyes and blue teeth.  It’s bodies are blue triangles.  It has two green collars. Also on the body are two blue eyes.  My monster has sixteen, black, blue and red legs.  Finally it has one spiky tail.  Which monster is mine?  

Myles H.

My monster has a space helmet on its orange head.  It has two big purple horns. It has two heart cheeks.  Its body is a red circle.  It has one blue belly button.  Also on the body is one black circle.  My monster has two fat green legs.  Finally it has a green tail.  Which monster is mine?  


My monster has three circle green heads.  It has three necks and it also has eyes.  It has no teeth.  It has two orange ears.  It’s body is a black circle.  It has eleven spikes.  It has hair.  It has six horns.  Also the body has purple arms.  My monster has six red and pink legs.  Finally it has a short spikey tail.  Which monster is mine?  


My monster has three orange heads.  It has three mouths.  It has one red nose.  It’s body is an orange rectangle with blue.  It has six black spikes and nine yellow spikes on the bottom.  Also on the body there are black spikes on the arms.  My monster has two orange legs.  Finally it has an orange tail with blue lines.  Which monster is mine?

Myles W. 

My monster has a pink head and two small red heads.  It has five purple eyes and two red teeth.  It also has two black stitches.  Its body is a black trapezoid.  It has a red eye on it.  My monster has three black legs.  It also has a black tail with some purple on it.  Finally it has some orange hair.  Which monster is mine?


My monster has a green triangle head with pink hair.  It has a rainbow ear and five eyes.  It has a pink tongue.  Its body is a red square. It has four black stitches on it.  It has six hands.  My monster has several blue legs. Finally it has a large blue tail with black spikes.  Which monster is mine?

Mrs. Neal

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