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Marching Falcons/Summer 2024

Dear Parents and Students,

This school year is quickly coming to an end, and that means it is time to gear up for marching band!
I wanted to send home some information regarding this upcoming season, while highlighting some of the exciting things that we have to look forward to!

The Fairfield Union Marching Falcons have an extremely rich history/tradition of excellence and we are
so excited to continue that trend going into this year with exciting shows, rewarding performances, and
continued growth!

We will be doing many of the same performances that we participated in last year, as well as adding on
some exciting new opportunities! These include All Home and Away Football Games, The Millersport Sweet Corn Festival Parade, Fairfield County Fair Parade of Bands, Sale of Champions, Circleville Pumpkin Show Parade, Olentangy Berlin’s “5th Quarter Band Festival”, The Jackson Apple Festival, Lancaster Holiday Parade, and many more!

Please take a moment to look at the attached calendar and add these dates to your own family calendar. The schedule will look similar to last year, and as always please let me know if you have any questions.

Info For All New Members:

- Attached is our calendar through November. When looking at the calendar, you may notice the time commitment that is associated with Marching Band. To be extremely honest, Marching Band is a large time commitment, but it is my goal as an educator to make that commitment absolutely worth it for every single student!

- All events are required. If you are involved in any extracurriculars that do not involve marching band (fall sports, dance, etc.), the coaches and I will work together to make sure that you can split marching band with any type of other commitments as evenly as possible! If you are hesitant about marching band due to your other commitments, please talk to me so we can get a plan in place. Around 75% of the band participates in other activities outside of band during the season, so you are not alone!

- For planning purposes, much of the equipment is provided by either the school district or the boosters. Items that are not provided by the school district/boosters are our summer uniform (a red Marching Falcons polo and black shorts) and gloves/shoes/spats for our fall uniforms. We understand that an upfront cost like this may be tough so we work our best to keep these prices as low as possible. In the
past, we have also set up “payment plans” to ensure that everyone can get everything that they need for the season!

- More specific details regarding this upcoming marching band season (More info on summer music, a
band camp itinerary, equipment purchase, etc…) will be given closer to the end of the school year/early

If you have any questions at all, please contact me!:  [email protected]
Thank You!
Mr. Kitchen

2024-2025 Marching Falcons Calendar May-November

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