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Fairfield Union Local Schools News Article

Which Structured Literacy Programs Are Used for Instruction?


Fairfield Union Local School District uses three programs that are part of the Wilson line of reading products. Fundations, Just Words and Wilson Reading System (WRS):


A structured literacy approach to foundational skills grounded in the Science of Reading contains the instructional topics and principles critical for foundational reading and writing success. Fundations’ unique and multisensory approach to instruction makes learning efficient and effective while maximizing valuable classroom time. Instruction and practice occur in a systematic, cumulative, explicit, diagnostic, and integrated manner, allowing students to experience greater gains in the skills required for independent reading and spelling.

Just Words

Just Words supports those who have not mastered the foundational skills of language structure typically learned in grades K–4 with strategies that will allow them to independently read and spell words and build the skills necessary to access and master grade-level standards. Emphasizing phonemic awareness, phonics, word study, and spelling, Just Words is the word study component of the Wilson Reading System® curriculum at an accelerated pace so the instructional principles mirror each other. 

Wilson Reading System 


Based on more than three decades of data, WRS is designed for students in grades 2–12 and adults with word-level deficits who are not making sufficient progress through their current intervention; have been unable to learn with other teaching strategies; or who require more intensive structured literacy instruction due to a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia.


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