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Fairfield Union Local Schools News Article

Local Use of Funds Plan - August 2021

Local Use of Funds Plan 

School District: Fairfield Union Local Schools

District Contact: Courtney Roberts, Treasurer - Email Courtney Roberts Phone: 740-536-7384

Prevention and Mitigation Strategies – CDC Guidelines:

  • The district will continue to purchase cleaning supplies and masks for teachers and students on an as needed basis to encourage the strong recommendation of wearing masks and following sanitization and distancing protocols.

 Address Impact of Lost Instructional Time:

  • The district will compensate teachers and support staff to conduct an After School program to provide aide to students needing extra help from teachers as well as credit recovery.  
  • The district will also hold a Summer Enrichment program that focuses on continual teacher / student contact throughout the summer months.  
  • Employ additional staff in Math in order to hold a Math Lab at the high school level.

 Coordination of Preparedness and Response Efforts:

  • The district is employing an additional nurse to aide students as needs arise as well as act as the liaison between the county health department.

 Address Impact of Lost Instructional Time – Social and Emotional Needs:

  • Employ Behavior Response Team to aide students with additional needs from the 2020-2021 school year.

 Remote Learning:

  • Fairfield Union will purchase student chromebooks for 1:1 learning (while in school or from home) as well as teacher laptops for uninterrupted teacher / student lessons in the event in person classes are on hold for digital learning.

  Address Impact of Lost Instructional Time – Assessments:

  • Utilize digital learning platforms and assessment systems to determine student academic areas of strengths and weaknesses.  Teachers will continue to progress monitor students and the district will look at student growth throughout the year.  Parent engagement strategies will be used to share information and provide assistance on how parents can support students at home.

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