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The Science of Reading
Fairfield Union literacy instruction utilizes the best practices made public in the research known as the Science of Reading.  Our teachers are using a Structured Literacy approach in the classroom for reading/writing instruction.  More information about the district’s structured literacy program can be found on our district website under the Parent tab.  Look for information under the Science of Reading section.  

The State of Ohio requires schools to screen all students in grades K-3 for reading issues related to dyslexia.  Fairfield Union will begin screening students in grades 1-3 starting in September 2023.  In accordance with state law, Kindergarten students will not be screened until the Fall of their first-grade year to allow for the introduction of basic reading skills prior to screening.

Fairfield Union will be using the ODE approved screener called Renaissance Star CBM to complete the screening process for dyslexia.  Results from this screener will be shared with parents/guardians.  Please note, this screener does not diagnose dyslexia, but does indicate whether or not a child may have reading deficiencies.

Fairfield Union is committed to your child’s academic success and families are encouraged to frequently discuss their student’s progress with the school.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Science of Reading or your child’s reading ability, please contact your building principal.  

Chad Belville,
Attachments Available To Download:
The Science of Reading Letter to Parents - September 2023
The Science of Reading Letter to Parents - September 2023 (RTF)