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Fairfield Union Local Schools News Article

Fairfield Union is pleased to announce the offering of new Summer Learning Experiences for students in grades K-12.

The Fairfield Union Extended Learning Plan is made up of three different components:

  1. Grade Improvement Program for grades K-12. Extends learning opportunities during the remainder of the academic school year.(April 6 - May 20)
  2. Credit Recovery Program for grades 6-12. Provides for summer coursework to be completed during June. (June 1 - June 18)
  3. Enrichment Program for grades K-12. Offers unique learning opportunities in a variety of enrichment areas. (Middle/High School June 1 - June 18 and Elementary Schools July 19 - August 6)

Summer Learning Goals - All Programs

Fairfield Union Local School District’s main focus at all levels will be to help students close gaps in reading and math using our curriculum and intervention programs. However, as an enticement to get students and staff fully engaged, we will weave enrichment activities into our curriculum work.

Grade Improvement Program - April 6 to May 20 (extending the school day)

Students in grades K through 12 would be eligible to stay after school Monday through Thursday for 1 hour to begin a “grade improvement program”. Students would be assigned coursework to “make-up” or improve previous assignments from earlier in the year. Students would have the opportunity to raise their grade in each nine weeks by a maximum of 1 letter grade.

Credit Recovery Program - June 1 to June 18

Middle school and high school students would complete the credit flexibility application to attend the summer credit recovery program. Students in grades 6 through 12 would be assigned coursework through APEX. If students score above a 90% on the pre-unit test, the student would clep out of that unit and move to the next unit in the class. Students must score above 70% to move to the next assignment in the course.
In accordance with board policy on Educational Options (IGCD-R), credit will be awarded and placed on the student’s transcript on pass/fail basis.
Summer Enrichment Programs  All students will be eligible to attend
Fairfield Union High School and Rushville Middle School - June 1 - June 18
Bremen Elementary and Pleasantville Elementary - July 19 - August 6
Summer enrichment programs will be offered in conjunction with content classes to help students continue to advance academically and/or make up for learning that may have been lost or delayed due to the coronavirus disruptions. Summer enrichment programs will run from 9 am to 12 pm Monday through Friday. Details on transportation will be released closer to the end of the school year.
Staff interested in providing an enrichment experience for students have the opportunity to submit a “proposal” to the district to run a program of their choosing. If a staff member wants to do a robotics class for 3 weeks, run a drama class, have an instrumental music class, etc. . . the staff member would submit the proposal form via Google and upon approval the district would fund the program. At the high school and
middle school level, there is the potential to award credit on a pass/fail basis through the credit flex option. The enrichment program could also be geared to a credential or career-based field (IT, welding, AG work, etc. . .).

Complete details on programs being offered and how students can register for these enrichment programs will be released in May 2021.
The total amount of funding available to support this district initiative will be determined by the Superintendent and Treasurer.
The Enrichment Program will be evaluated to determine the feasibility of offering similar programs in the future. If successful, Fairfield Union could potentially use this program to help launch the district toward earning a STEM or more importantly a STEAM designation with ODE.

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