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Important Updates for Upcoming FUHS Events

Good Afternoon FUHS,

First, I would like to congratulate everyone again for all the hard work so many of you have been doing during this extremely challenging time.  When we started this back in March I don't think anyone anticipated the crisis reaching such a significant level and you have all risen to the occasion!  I realize you have been home for close to three months, but the warm weather and summer vacation is upon us and I hope this brings you some level of happiness and something to look forward to.  Remember, your teachers will be assigning the last graded assignments this week and the deadline for digital work turn in will be May 15 with paper copies due at food distribution points on May 17.  You can find detailed information about work deadlines as well as Chromebook turn in, and pick up of personal items on the webpage at fairfieldunion.org.

To our Seniors, there is no way we can express how sorry we are that you were not able to enjoy the final quarter of your Senior year.  You have been an outstanding class and while this was not fair at all to you, the memories, accomplishments and legacy that you have left will always be part of you and our school!  I have attached an overview of our plans for Graduation to this email.  In no way does this do justice to your accomplishments but we are looking forward to sharing these memories with you over the next few weeks.

Underclassmen, you too have lost a lot and have had to make many sacrifices over the past three months.  The staff and administration in the district share your disappointment but we will push forward and be prepared to make our next school year the very best it can be.  I will say that one of the few positives we can pull from this experience is an appreciation for our school, each other and all the activities we enjoy every year.  Things will eventually get back to normal and when they do we will all be ready to make the best of it!

Unfortunately the outlook for the near future is still very limited, which does put us in a difficult situation for the next couple of months.  The Ohio Department of Health has continued with restrictions at least until the end of June which limit mass gatherings of more than 10 people.  This of course impacted graduation but it also impacted other events we had hoped to be able to hold this summer.  Again, the news is not good but we must come to terms with the guidance and requirements from the State of Ohio and safety must come first.  This is the only way we can all get back to our regular routines.  Below you will find updates for our spring activities.


As Mr. Belville indicated early in the process we were determined to host our major spring events, we did put out two potential makeup weekends for these events but luck has not been on our side.  We have come to the place where it is no longer realistic for us to think we can hold an event as large as the Prom this summer, based on the requirements imposed by the Ohio Department of Health.  We have an obligation to each other and our community to put safety first.  So, with a heavy heart we are going to have to cancel the Prom for this year.  I realize and even agree with all of you who have reached out to us regarding this event, I know that this seems to be unfair and I agree with that as well.  I can simply hope that we can all understand this decision is made putting safety first.   

Spring Musical

For the reasons mentioned above the spring musical is postponed for the remainder of the summer.  We are considering the possibility of having this event either next fall or next spring.  There are still some options that would permit seniors who were in the cast to be able to participate if they would choose to do so.  We will communicate more about the Musical when final decisions are made.


The Yearbooks have been ordered but due to the plant being shut down for a period of time they will not arrive until sometime in late July.  When the yearbooks arrive we will communicate that to you and they will be available for pickup.  It is possible that we will wait until the start of next school year before distributing the yearbooks based on when we receive them.

NHS Induction

We will be moving the NHS Induction from this Spring to next fall.  Details will be released to students regarding the NHS Induction once we see what the start of school will look like.  

Underclassmen Awards

The awards for our underclassmen will still be given. We will mail your awards with report cards at the end of the school year.

I want all of you to know and understand that none of these decisions were easy, we hurt for all of you!  You are an outstanding group of students who do things the right way.  There has never been a time where all of you didn't rise to the occasion in an appropriate way.  It hurts me that you have been placed in such a tough spot.  The disappointment you feel will be temporary and as I mentioned earlier we will get back to normal.  I'll be looking forward to that time but until then let's all focus on the things we can control, finish the school year strong and make the best of what we have in front of us!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or just need to vent.  We are here for you!

Mr. McPhail

Matthew R. McPhail


Fairfield Union High School


[email protected]

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