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VLA - Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Resource - VLA Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my child be considered a Fairfield Union Local School District (FULSD) student?

  • Yes, your child will remain a student of FULSD and can participate in extracurricular activities. 

  • Students will remain on a FULSD K-4 class roster or have a MS/HS schedule.  Not all FULSD elective classes are offered through VLA.

2. Where does this online virtual academy come from?

  • The program comes from Jefferson County ESC. To learn more about the program click on the following link: Virtual Learning Academy . The Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is an online curriculum provider offering over 250 core and elective courses to students in grades K-12.  VLA courses are 100% aligned to Ohio's Content Standards, which are rooted in the National Academic Content Standards. Since 2004, VLA has enrolled over 50,000 students in 173 Ohio school districts.  VLA also has students enrolled from all 50 states and 31 countries.

3. Is this for the full year?

  • It will be for the 2020-2021 school year due to pandemic conditions.  Families are asked to commit to a minimum of a grading period (or 9 weeks) in their decision.

4. What grade levels can participate in this? 

  • Students in grades K-12 can enroll in VLA.

5. How do I sign up for this?

  • Applications are available on the district website. Parents still need to complete the OneView forms.

  • The deadline is August 10, 2020.

6. What if I have already completed the One View forms?

  • Parents may still apply for their children to utilize VLA up to the deadline.

7. What is the schedule and who are the teachers? Can my child select their own courses?

  • Your child will follow the school issued schedule. Fairfield Union teachers will utilize VLA lessons through ProgressBook to manage instruction on the learning platform.  Content is aligned to Ohio’s Academic Content Standards.  Some FULSD specials or elective classes may not be available through VLA; however, all core academic classes are offered and will be required. 

  • VLA is a student-led learning environment. Students have access to their teacher; however, the teachers’ first responsibility is to supervise and instruct students attending in-person.  Teachers will monitor and respond to questions from VLA students as their schedules permit.

8. How and when will my student access the content/courses?

  • Students will log into their ProgressBook accounts.  Every effort should be made to do this during normal school hours.

9. How will attendance be determined?

  • Students will be expected to log into their courses on days when the district is in session and make progress on assignments.  

10. How will parents check a student's progress/grades?

  • ProgressBook.  It will be the same process.

  • Students will receive a district issued grade card.

11. What is the process to return to the regular classroom?

  • Participation in the online school will be available for the entire school year. However, at the end of each nine weeks, students will be permitted to change their educational option. Students will be able to return to the school building and participate in the building-based educational program. The building-based program will be dependent on the COVID-19 status level. To return to the building-based program, a request in writing must be received by the building Principal on or before the following dates:

    • To return the second nine weeks before October 26, 2020.

    • To return the third nine weeks before January 15, 2021.

    • To return the fourth nine weeks before March 26, 2021

12. Can I still participate in sports and extracurricular activities?

  • Yes, your child can still participate.

13. Am I responsible for paying class fees for school?

  • Yes, you are still responsible for paying fees.

14. How will my child take state required assessments?

  • State required assessments will not be taken from home. Students will return to the school to take the assessments.  

15. Will my child receive a district issued Chromebook?

  • Yes, FULSD will provide a device. 

  • If you have problems with the device, please contact your building principal.

16. What if I have Internet access issues?

  • Families will need a solid high speed internet connection to participate in VLA.

  • If you have internet access issues, contact your internet provider.

  • The district will not be providing a hot spot for families.

17. What do I do if my child is struggling with the online content?

  • Contact the grade level or subject content teacher.

18. How do students and parents contact teachers of the courses?

  • Email is the preferred method of communication.

19. What courses are offered for students? (school courses only; not full JCESC catalog)

  • Students will take courses that align to the district curriculum and course offerings.

20. How is this different from formal homeschooling?

  • Formal homeschooling requires approval from the Fairfield County ESC and does not include access to district curriculum and resources.  Homeschooled students are not enrolled FULSD students. 

  • VLA is a district provided option and is not considered homeschooling.

21. Will we receive technical support at home?

  • For technical issues that do not involve internet access, please contact your building principal.

22. Are there any tutorial resources or videos to help me?

23. If we choose to start the school year on VLA, can my child still attend open houses?

  • Yes, you can still attend building open houses.

24. Will the FULSD Grading Policy be used for VLA courses?

  • Yes, the same grading scales will be used for in-person and VLA instruction.

25. Will my VLA child have access to other school resources and programs?

  • Yes.  The primary curriculum will be VLA lessons; however, students still have full access to other school curriculum resources.  

26. Will I still receive free/reduced lunch?

  • Yes, distribution plans will be shared prior to the start of the school year.

27. Can my child still participate if they are on an IEP?

  • Yes.  However, doing so may constitute a Change of Placement due to the delivery method of instruction and may require an IEP amendment.  It is important to communicate and collaborate by working together to find ways to continue to best serve and educate students with disabilities while protecting the health and safety of students, educators and the community.  Please contact Tiffany Wade ([email protected]), Special Education Coordinator, with specific questions or concerns in regards to your child’s IEP. 

28. Will my child still receive special education services?

  • Students will be assigned to an intervention specialist and/or related service provider as indicated on the current IEP. The district will work to make a good faith effort to meet the needs of the students per the IEP. Communication and collaboration are going to be essential to best serve the students.

  • Some services may be provided in an online format (teletherapy)

  • An IEP meeting may be necessary to determine adjustments to the student’s services in order to meet the needs of the student.

  • Parents need to be aware that during a large portion of the school day intervention specialists and related service providers will be working with students attending in person, limiting times available for online services, With this being said, parents will need to make arrangements to have students available to participate in services once designated service times are provided. These services will be provided during the contractual/designated school day.

  • If a student is due for a re-evaluation, parents will need to work with the school psychologists/intervention specialist and related services providers to accommodate times for testing required to obtain data needed to assess progress, set new goals and determine eligibility. 

29. If I have additional questions, who do I contact?

  • Program or Technology Concerns: Building Principal

  • Special Education Services: Special Education Coordinator, Tiffany Wade

  • Classroom Course Assignments: Teacher

  • Internet Issues:  Your internet provider

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