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2021 Extended Learning Plan

Fairfield Union is pleased to announce the offering of new Summer Learning Experiences for students in grades K-12.

On February 9, 2021, Governor DeWine asked schools and districts to work with their communities and educational stakeholders to help students continue to advance academically and to make up for any learning that may have been lost or delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and related disruptions.

“This once-in-a-lifetime pandemic has impacted all of us, so it should be no surprise that it has impacted our children. But we should not panic, nor should we be surprised by the results of assessments,” said Governor DeWine. “Instead, we should do what Ohioans have always done when facing a challenge - stay calm, roll up our sleeves, and work to solve the problem."
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Extended Learning Plan After School Recovery Credit - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

 All students who are at risk for failing for the year in a class are eligible for this program.


Which students can participate in this program?

 The primary purpose for this program is to allow failing students to complete additional work to obtain a passing grade. However, students who would like some extra help in a specific content area, or those students who do not have reliable internet may also take advantage of this hour even though it will not reflect a change in their class grade.

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How do I enroll my student(s) in this program?

 All students and parents/guardians will complete a contract that will be turned in at their building office prior to April 1st. 

  • Parents may download and complete a hard copy of the contract OR complete the Google Form

Extended Learning Plans - Key Areas and District/Building Strategies

Specific Information about the Key Areas and District/Building Strategies being used to address the Extended Learning Plan for Education can be found in the chart below. This information may be updated throughout the summer.


Key Areas

District/Building Strategies

Impacted Students: How will schools and districts identify which students have been most impacted by the pandemic in terms of their learning progress (with a focus on the most vulnerable student populations)?

Fairfield Union will utilize multiple data points to identify which students have been the most impacted by the pandemic. However, all students may participate in extended learning opportunities.


In general, grades K-8 will utilize student scores on State Assessments and STAR reading and math assessments. Data points in SuccessMaker and/or Fastbridge will be utilized for students participating in these programs. IEP progress, attendance data and classroom performance will also be considered. Social-emotional well being will be the final data point.


In general, grades 9-12 will utilize student scores on State Assessments and building level Short Cycle Assessments along with classroom grades. Data points in STAR reading and math assessments, IEP progress, SuccessMaker and/or Fastbridge will be utilized for students participating in these programs. Attendance data and missing credits/course deficiencies will also be considered. Social-emotional well being will be the final data point.


Needs: How will schools and districts identify the needs of those students?

Grades K-8 will disaggregate student scores on STAR reading and math assessments in order to have the most recent information on student strengths and weaknesses.


Grades 9-12 will disaggregate student scores on Short Cycle Assessments and classroom grades to determine areas of strength and weakness.


Students safety plans and/or social-emotional indicators will be used to identify students' needs.


Parents and guardians will be notified of all extended learning opportunities.  Parents and guardians will then have the opportunity to decide if their child(ren) will participate in the extended learning programs.

Resources and Budget: What resources are available to address those needs? Generally, what is the budget for the plan?

Fairfield Union will extend access to instructional resources, both digital and static, during the summer months. Additional digital resources or extensions of contracts may be necessary. 


Qualified staff members will be recruited to conduct all summer learning programs and hourly rates will be paid as indicated in the FUEA Negotiated Agreement.


Qualified bus drivers will be recruited for transportation and hourly rates will be paid by the district.


Cost estimates $200,000 - $400,000

APEX learning platform, Staff compensation rates, Program resources and materials, and other educational materials or resources.

Approaches: What approaches can best be deployed to address those needs? (This may include approaches such as ending the school year later than scheduled, beginning the new year early, extending the school day, summer programs, tutoring and remote options.)

To meet the needs of our students in grades K-12, Fairfield Union will deploy multiple approaches including extending learning options during the school year through afterschool programs and during the summer with intervention and enrichment opportunities for students.

Summer programs will support students working in small groups with standards-based differentiated instruction to continue the development of their academic skills.
 Enrichment opportunities will be offered to engage students through interest-based learning and provide application of learning concepts. For students at the high school level, this will include recovering credits needed for graduation. 

Partnerships: Which local and regional partners (such as educational service centers, Information Technology Centers, libraries, museums, after-school programs or civic organizations) can schools and districts engage in supporting student needs?

Fairfield Union works with many partners to support students and families. Including, but not limited to:

  • Bremen Library
  • Children’s Nationwide Hospital
  • Decorative Arts Center
  • FairHope Hospice
  • Fairfield Career Center - Summer Opportunities 
  • Fairfield County Job & Family Services
  • Family, Adult & Children First Council
  • New Horizons
  • Related County Social Service Agencies

Alignment: How can this plan reinforce and align to other district or school plans? This may include but is not limited to Student Wellness and Success Funds plans, remote learning plans, improvement plans, CCIP-related plans, graduation plans.

Fairfield Summer Learning Programs align and reinforce various existing plans within the district. Within each plan, the needs of our students is the focus. Fairfield Union plans encourage student success in careers and/or college and promote a caring, courageous and engaged community.

  • District and Building Improvement Plans - OIP/CCIP
  • Graduation Plan
  • Remote Learning Plan
  • Title 1 Plan
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